Bend Me Break Me by Chelsea M. Cameron

Bend Me Break Me by Chelsea M. Cameron

210 pages

Ebook and Print


He has found her after all these months. Coen knew it was a long shot but actually being in the same class as her was fate helping him. She doesn`t know who he is but he knows about her. Knows the pain and heartache she is going through right now because of his family. Ingrid is nothing like he expected and Coen is determined to see the girl she used to be. Gone is the sunshine in her life, the laughter and her beautiful smile making him want to be the guy that brings it back to her life. Problem is that once Ingrid finds out who he really is can he keep her in his life knowing his family is reponsible for her pain.

It has been months since she has smiled and laughed. Months when she felt loved and safe. Going to college was her parents idea to move on and be the usual college girl she should be acting. Question is how can she move on when they are not able to live. Determined to be alone and finish school she never expected a boy like Coen to constantly be in her way. He is determined to bother her and somehow she is feeling something she hasn`t felt since pain entered her life. Coen is making her smile, laugh and she is wondering if it is okay to let go and well live. Can she feel happy when all has been lost and she is the only one?

I have to say this one was a tough one and have to say Chelsea M. Cameron shined in this book. It is a topic that everybody sometimes go through in life and we have to learn how to cope and move on. Coen is one sneaky devil and have to say his persistence is in a way truly romantic. The love he has for Ingrid is what she needs to move on and make her be the girl she was supposed to be all this time. Chelsea I have to say never give up and know that through darkness there is light. Knowing that Ingrid is going through right now can reflect in my past the darkness when I lost my father. Family is important but so is the love that is at the end to make us stronger than ever. Loved it.


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