Bleeding Stars Book 2: Drowning to Breathe by A.L. Jackson

Bleeding  Stars Book 2: Drowning to Breathe by A.L. Jackson 

377 pages




He knows about her now. Of all the things Sebastian has been dealing with he never expected it will involve his beautiful storm, Shea. Coming to Savannah, Georgia was supposed to be a time for him and his band to recoup. Sebastian never knew that Shea was once upon a time big time and yet being with her she is far from a singer like him. She has a beautiful voice, sexy, a great mother and in every way understands him like no other girl.  Through everything going on in his life and his family Shea is the one that calms him. For years he has let his temper get in the way and knowing that the main person is also the one that caused her pain just tears him apart.

He knows her secret now and see`s the pain in his eyes. Music is his thing and in the past used to be hers once a upon a time. Now her life is centered in her little girl and she is determined to not ever disappoint her. Problem is that no matter how hard she tries to convince Sebastian how right they are for each other their past keeps interfering. Once upon a time she was in the big times and now all she wants is to have a normal life with Sebastian. Music might have made her a star but being with Sebastian she is a jewel in his eyes and heart.

I have to say A.L. Jackson sure knows how to make a reader laugh, swoon and most of all cry at happiness with her characters. I loved that Sebastian will do anything he can for his woman. The love they both have is not something either one expected and it is this bond that makes this sequel a high recommended as well. He might be a punk rockstar but there is so much about Sebastian and Shea we learn in this book that just made all warm. Like all stories there is a villain and the one in this book will not stop until both Sebastian and Shea are destroyed.  I`m so hoping there is more about this series for this is one band that not only is making headwaves in the music industry but is becoming a favorite for me.


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