Music Notes by Lacey Black

Music Notes by Lacey Black



Layne Carter loves her little boy and will do anything to give him a good life. The thing is singing has always been her thing and everybody knows it. So it’s a huge surprise that her mother entered her in a singing reality show. Layne knows it is a huge break if she wins for the money will help but she didn’t expect Beau Tanner. He’s country’s hottest singer right now and the man so far she can’t get out of her mind and dreams. Can she win it at all and get the man?

I have to say I love this book. Layne Carter just stole my heart with her singing and her love for her little boy. Lacey Black just blew me away with this story about Layne and Beau Tanner. The attraction between them was felt right from the first audition when she sang and he looked up it was like lightning and thunder colliding. This is definitely one of those books you do not want to miss it is highly recommended for there is passion sexual chemistry and most of all a mother’s love to provide for her child going above and beyond to make all their dreams come true. Totally rocked.


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