Dirty Play by Violet Paige

Dirty Play by Violet Paige 

143 pages


4 moons

Football the sport everybody wants to be in and it is the one sport that Wes Blakefield has always excelled. The one career that if Wes ever lost it would be the end of his life. Or so he thought until he met a doctor. She is everything he never expected in a doctor which is sexy, beautiful and the only one who doesn`t know anything about football. His whole life is centered on making it to the SuperBowl and this is his one chance. One practice changes everything and now he is walking on a thin line and it is the doctor who is making him wonder is there life outside of football.

Dr. Lennon Ashworth is starting over in a big way. Moving to San Antonio is her chance to get over her ex not fall for a quarterback. Seems she moved to football country and no matter how hard she tries Wes is persistent. Lennon has no time for romance but man the sex between them is just to hot to deny herself. She knows as a doctor his rehab shouldn`t be rushed but somehow he is playing better than ever and it scares her what procedures he went. Wes is making her feel things she shouldn`t be feeling considering she is a doctor and he a patient. Can she continue on with this fling with him before her heart gets in the way?

Dirty Play is more than just about football and passion between Lennon and Wes. I loved how passionate Wes is about football and when a woman like Lennon who doesn`t know abou the sport was fascinating. The attraction between them is hot and man the sex talk about sizzling making Wes a valuable mvp in every way lol. Victoria Paige just did a great job in this book but felt to me it went to fast in some ways. All in all it was good and sports has become a favorite for me now.


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