Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis

Nobody but You by Jill Shalvis

March 29, 2016


Can you go home and hope nothing has changed? This is something that Special Forces officer Jacob Kincaid keeps asking himself. It has been years since he left Cedar Ridge, Colorado and though he has faced terrorists, bombs and gunshots coming home scares the shit out of him. The last time he was home was graduation day and there were words with his twin he has never forgotten. He knows the Army will always be there but it is his family he still misses after all this time but is afraid of the past sneaking up. Coming home was supposed to be a time for him to move on and gets things resolved after all these years never expected though to loose his heart in the process on a spitfire like Sophie Marren. He is the long lost Kincaid, the stranger and yet being with Sophie he feels like he has come home for reals. Can he figure out what his life is supposed to be now that he is back in Cedar Ridge?

Sophie is a workaholic, strong and yet the one word she keeps seeing herself is IDIOT. She thought when she met her husband he was the one never thought a woman like her will be divorced and living in her ex-husbands boat. Yet in a bizarre way it is the boat that brings her to Jacob which is making her feel antsy. For the first time she is feeling desired by him something she never felt before with her husband. Her goal is to make it at the end of the day not give up yet Jacob is making her life crazy. She has no idea why he is interested in her but the kisses she gets from him might just make her change her minds towards him. Can she handle Jacob and get her life back to normalcy before she does something crazy like really fall for him?

I have to say after reading the first two Cedar Ridge books I was like come on Jill Shalvis where`s Jacob. Through each book we saw a little bit of him and finally we get the real Jacob. After all these years he has come home and yet in a way he feels like he is a stranger. Sophie in a way is a stranger to the small town and together these two complete each other in a way that only Jill Shalvis can create. I loved that it isn`t just Jacob and Sophie in the book but we see more of the family and their crazy mother. The craziness between them is hillarious and the sex scenes wowza it is hot even though they keep denying the attraction. Loved it.


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