Return of the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon

Return of the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon

416 pages

Ebook and Print

Available April 26, 2016



Yes I said it for I have been waiting for Asher and Gloria`s story right from the beginning in Evan`s story. I mean he is part of the Penis Bandit gang and boy did his story blow me away. For years him and Gloria have been together and fought yet through it all their passion is near combusting. Gloria has tried to stay away from Asher but his kisses beckon to her. Knowing that he is not just the regular hot, sexy Rock Star but now is a single, hot and sexy dad just makes her want him more. She knows he is a great guy and wants the best for him but knows she is not it. Gloria has tried to move on but each time it is Asher that gets in the way. She never thought her bad boy would be a father and now the temptation is stronger than ever.

One thing about Asher is when he sets his mind on something nothing will derail him especially when it comes to Gloria. For years she is the only woman who has been by his side through thick and thin hard and fast. Yet when he needs him the most she is wanting to runaway from him. They have always been a team one with passionate benefits and somehow along the way a life without her is unimaginable. She is the one thing that keeps him calm and balance especially with what`s going on with his child. Asher never imagined himself as a father but with a woman like Gloria is definitely in his future if he can convince his spitfire how right they are for each other.

So ever since I read the first book in this series I was infatuated with Asher. I mean don`t get me wrong Evan is hot but have to say the whole bad boy rockstar like Asher is just hotter than ever. From the outside he is sexy, hot, gorgeous, rockstar god but in the inside he is a man who at some times seems vulnerable. The only one who really understands him is also the woman who has been with him since he started his career, Gloria. The chemistry between these two is hot and cold added with passion and it is sizzling. There were times I was like oh yeah and then aww I mean Jessica Lemmon had me going up and down between these two. What I loved about Jessica Lemmon`s series is that it is not just certain characters but we see how everybody in her previous books have come along. This is definitely a town I wouldn`t mind visiting with all these hot guys and Asher poor Gloria had no chance of surviving without him. Loved it and really hope there is more from this town.


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