Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters

Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters

March 30, 2016




As a songwriter words always came easy for Estelle Evermore except this time. Everywhere there were signs she ignored. Signs that told her that life will never be the same. She didn`t ask for this life just wanted to express her words and feelings. Boarding the plane seemed like a way that home is nearby but fate has something in store for her. Signs whether words, music or messages were all around yet she ignored them and now she is stuck. Years go by and she is in a world that nothing changes no matter how hard you wish, pray and hope for it is a world where she is going to die. Estelle knows only one thing and that is love in the real world can over come anything but in this world where there is nothing but them is seeming impossible. Can she continue on hope when there is no hope at all without love and faith?

Galloway Oak is a man looking for salvation. This is his chance to make his life better and not be what he used to be. For years before this trip he tried to be good but vengeance is a big thing to ignore. He thought he made his penance but somehow fate has something in store for him. Boarding the plane he expected a smooth flight not to be struck in the heart with a beauty like Estelle. He know he comes of as arrogant and cocky towards her but she leaves him tongue tied all the time. Now they are stuck in a world where hope is lost yet he has beauty in his life everyday. It is not just him and Estelle but two kids who need them the most. Days shine but it is the years and months that go by that make him wonder will hope ever be found. Can he continue on with this charade of always being happy and have hope for his island family?

Okay have to say this is a unique story from beginning to the end that is going to make you ask so many questions. One thing about Pepper Winters is that this is just not a story of survival but of hope and faith. Through each chapter we see how Estelle and Galloway cope yet still be okay when there are kids in the picture. Have to say I didn`t know what to expect when I got this book and it truly blew me away till the end. Pepper Winter not only enchanted me with this book but made me laugh, hope and cry at times I didn`t expect to happen. This is one of those books that may seem the usual story but once you start it surpasses everything you thought would be it. Loved it.


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