Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

262 pages


4 1/2 moons

Can everything be perfect even though somewhere in the back of your mind you have doubts? This is something that Aimee is wondering when what is supposed to be a simple flight is ruining everything. Of all the things to happen before her wedding she never imagined that the pilot, Tristan will be her hero. Flying was never her thing but knowing that she is not alone in a way eases her fears. Problem is that when it is just the two of them she is seeing a whole different side of Tristan. Gone is the shy person she knows and instead is a man who is starting to make her feel safe and loved. Her heart belong to her fiancee yet being with Tristan she is feeling real love which scares her. In a world of nothing but trees and their own to survive she is wondering why she never noticed Tristan before.

She is his bosses fiancee yet ever since he started working for her fiancee Tristan has secretly loved her. He is not sure why a woman would ever look at him but it doesn`t stop him from wanting to be with her. It was supposed to be a simple flight but somehow fate intervenes and strands them in the rainforest. She should be snobby, stuckup but instead he is seeing her strong, beautiful and somehow the woman for him. She comes from a different world from his and yet the feelings towards her is stronger than ever. All they have right now is hope and their need to survive to see if their love can overcome this tragedy. Can they go back to just being friends or see that a love they never imagined last through time?

What would you do to survive? This is something that Layla Hagen shows us in a story that lasts through time and obstacles. This is story of Aimee who I have to say in the beginning didn`t seem like a blushing bride felt like she was being forced. Now I have to say Tristan is exactly what she needs right now. The romance they have is not your usual boy meets girl but one where boy takes action for his love to survive. The chemistry at them seems to brew in the beginning and in the end just shows us that anything is possible. Layla Hagen shows us that with hope and love anything can happen even in the rainforest where only thing you can count on is time.


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