The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

379 pages

Ebook and Print

4 moons

If you want a good time everybody knows Jack Carter is the man to make you feel desired and sexy for one night. As a baseball player that is going places every girl on campus wants to be Jacks girl. The thing is Jack Carter is not the type to stay with one woman for no one interests him. All they see is a sexy guy and one of these days professional baseball player. They don`t see the real Jack Carter the one who is looking for love. Hard to believe it but he is tired of fucking girls. He wants the deep committment, the bond that stays forever and Cassie Andrews is the woman to give it to him. For the first time in his life he has a girl who is not chasing after him or cares about how fast he can throw a ball. Instead this girl has caught his attention in a way that scares him. Baseball has always been his thing yet with Cassie he is feeling more than just sports. Can he convince his Kitten that he is not like the others and he is serious about his feelings?

Cassie Andrews has a set of rules that she tries so hard to follow. She has been through pain and gave her heart to a man who should never have given her broken promises, her father. Cassie knows it is not normal to stick with these rules but after being burned so many times with false hope and mistaken trusts she can`t chance a romance with Jack Carter. He is the campus big playboy yet he has his eyes set on her. Cassie has no idea what she did to get his attention but she is seeing a whole different side of Jack that is bringing up all these feelings she has kept lock in her heart. A love with Jack only means one thing for her and that is a heartache she knows she will never survive. Can she risk it for a man who is going places?

J. Sterling has created a series that is full of sports, drama, crazy girls and most of all a trust that doesn`t come lightly. At first I was a little put off by Jack and his persistence seemed a little annoying. Yet once we see the real Jack Carter and his issues with staying committed well he started becoming a favorite. I loved that Cassie tried really hard to stay with her rules but a man like Jack is hard to ignore. This is the first in a series from Jack and Cassie`s life and cannot wait for more by J. Sterling.

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