Shattered Trust by Magda Alexander

Shattered Trust by Magda Alexander

268 pages


4 moons

Trenton Steele always knew what to do because of a certain man in his life. If it wasn`t for Mitchell Brooks he wouldn`t be the man he is now and what Madrigal Berkley needs. Instead he would have been a junkie and with no life. So when Mitch calls him for help he will drop everything to rescue his mentor. The problem is that he didn`t realize how it will intercept with Madrigal`s family. Somehow this woman has gotten under his skin and he is afraid of his true feelings towards her. He doesn`t see Mitch murdering her grandfather but then again he was a sick bastard and deserved to be killed. Though she is strong and tough all Trenton wants to do is be there for her even when she thinks she can do it all herself. He may be a top criminal attorney but this is not just a case for him it is bringing his woman`s family justice for the terrible way their grandfather treated them. Can he make Madrigal see how right they are for each other?

Though it has been years since her parents death Madrigal is determined to find their killer even if it means arresting Mitch. Her grandfather deserved to die for the way her and her sister were treated. She knows she is treading on thin waters when it comes to Steele but she has to do this herself. He is sexy, hot as hell and seems to be bossy when it comes to her. Madrigal knows he means well but the death of her parents and what she remembers doesn`t match at all. Only one who has every loved and protected her is now incarcerated and it kills her. Mitch has always been there for them and now seeing Trenton distraught over this is painful. Can she find the real killer or has Mitch been lying to them all this time?

In one word Yay for Magda Alexander. When I read the first book I was like what. I mean Madrigal and Madison are sweet and their grandfather talk about worst grandpa ever. The pain these little girls went through and dealing with well a psychotic grandfather was harsh. My heart went out to Madrigal and Trenton. Both have suffered terrible things in their life yet are bonded together in a way that makes them perfect for each other. Magda Alexander did a great job but now I anxiously wait for the next one for yes there is a cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see how Madrigal is going to deal with Trenton now and the new revelations towards Madison. Loved it.


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