The Natural History of Us by Rachel Harris

The Natural History of Us by Rachel Harris

255 pages




Freshmen year a tme for new beginnings, time to make new friends and maybe start a new love everything that should have made a great time for Peyton Williams. Yet it is a time where she finds out how charming, sexy and devious Justin Carter is to her. She knew right away this baseball player was not only good in his game but also for hooking up with girls. Peyton never met a guy like him since she was homeschooled but one look by him and one touch is all it takes to get to her heart. For the first time since her illness Peyton is feeling beautiful and normal something her family doesn`t understand but Justin does which scares her. She knows as a freshman barely beginning high school boys will come and go except Justin is not just any body he is the one for her. Now in their senior year they are facing the biggest test ever marriage in school. Seeing a different side of Justin right now how good of a husband he would have been and a father makes her wonder if he deserves her love again from her. Can she give him a second chance to ruin her heart again?

One thing though is once you break Peytons heart it is tough to get it back. This is something Justin is going through right now. He knows he messed up in their freshmen year but in his defense he knew he was going to break her heart. Men like him don`t committed relationships and she knew it before. Yet no matter the warnings to her and himself he fell hard. She is not like the other girls he is used to for she is unique, funny, sexy as hell and doesn`t care about him making it big. No, instead she see`s the real Justin Carter, the vulnerable, lonely and unloved boy that nobody sees. Now he has a chance to make it up to her but gone is the feisty, strong and fearless girl he knew he used to know. This assignment being her husband is not only a test to prove how far he has changed but to win his woman back. Can he prove to his Peyton that what matters right now is not baseball and only her?

I have to say I loved Justin Carter by Rachel Harris. Don`t get me wrong but Peyton was okay but felt more of a connection towards Justin. I loved that in the beginning he seems cocky, flirty but then we see the real Justin which made me go aww. On the outside he is the guy everybody wants to be but in the inside is a little boy who just wants to be loved which just made my heart melt. Rachel Harris did a good job in also showing us Peyton`s fear yet devotion to her family making her go outside her safety net. These two were beautiful and thought it is set in high school these two are matured all the way for their age. Cannot wait for more by Rachel Harris for this one was just sweet, beautiful and full of hope.


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