Slow and Steady by Kendall Ryan

Slow and Steady by Kendall Ryan

Ebook and Print


The last time Greyson Archer saw the woman that stole his heart she was crying holding a United States flag watching her husband be buried. To this day he still blames himself for getting his best friend and her husband killed. As a Special Ops soldier he is trained to protect and serve but one mistake changed all their lives. Seeing Finley again after all these years he is shocked by what has become of her. The beautiful sexy girl is still there and now because of him horny, disgusting men are watching her sexiness on stage at a strip club. Marcus was not only his best friend but like a brother to him and seeing Finley doing this bugs the hell out of her. He wants her and the little girl that will never know her father in his life no matter what it takes. Problem is that Finley still blames him and now he is fighting for her.

Finley Sutton has gone through so much at a young age. Growing up in a house with no love Marcus was IT for her. The thing is she came second in his life for the military was also there for him. She knew right away what was in store but she never thought it would be his best friend to get her husband killed. Greyson was the one who came back not her husband which doesn`t seem fair to her. Yet no matter how hard she tries Greyson doesn`t leave her alone. Finley knows her little, girl Maple needs a father figure but why Greyson. The more they are around him slowly her heart is thawing and it scares her these feelings towards him. As hard she tries to make a life for them she knows stripping is not the best way especially when someone is obsessed with her. Can she get the life she dreamed of having with Marcus with his best friend, Greyson?

Slow and Steady is exactly that by Kendall Ryan in a way that proves that even the guilty and doubtful men can get a second chance at life. I felt for Greyson for even though it has been years seeing his best friend die was hard for him. Knowing that Finley has become a stripper just tears him apart. She was beautiful before but now as a mother she enchants him like no other woman has done. Kendall Ryan did beautiful in this book showing sometimes forgiveness doesn`t come easy we have to earn it and boy Finely definitely gives Greyson work. It was a little slow but in a way it made sense for it is not just Finley giving her heart but also little Maple in the book. Can`t wait what else is in store for Kendall Ryan.

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