1001 Nights: Devoted by Lexi Blake

1001 Nights: Devoted by Lexi Blake



April 12, 2016

Amy Slaten is tired of men running her life. She married for business and is trying so hard to keep her company as head CEO but her father keeps getting in the way. The Sanctum was supposed to be a place where she can be free and explore her sexuality basically time away from reality in a way. All she wants is to put her company in the straight and narrow away from the corrupt ways her father brought the company. She was never into the BDSM thing but seems to be working well for her sister and she is excited to learn about it. The thing is though her heart is into it she didn`t expect for it to change her life forever by meeting Flynn Adler. He is definitely a Dom in every way yet just like he is hiding something as well. These two complete one another but both are hiding their true lives. The Sanctum is a place where they can be someone else but can they stick to their guns and learn to trust their hearts.

Flynn Adler is torn between two worlds he never expected to happen. One world is where he is the son of a business mogul and must take the reins of a company he never wanted. He is also dealing with a woman who is shrewd, spying in his business and driving him batshit crazy with her tactics. In the other world he is a DOM strong, macho protective and crazy for his sub. A woman who he knows all too well which confuses him Amy is not what he expected as the tough CEO he is supposed to bring down and it tears him apart because she is a woman he can definitely see being with. Flynn knows that once his real identity is revealed she will hate him forever but he knows the strength he has in him will make her stronger than ever to get her father away for good. Can he be the man she needs one that will proctect, stand by her and most of all love her with all his heart?

Once again Lexi Blake has gotten to this reviewer in a way that just makes me go aww. I loved that Flynn is truly a gentleman all the way even though he is in a BDSM club supposed to be tough, strong and most of all dominant. I loved when he is with Amy he is all protective of her that you wouldn`t think he will have it in him. Lexi Blake created a world that was just for them yet life kept getting in the way no matter how much they wanted to be alone. Flynn is a man who doesn`t crave the business company but is determined to help Amy get all her dreams to come true even if it means giving her up. Cannot wait for more of Lexi`s work and more of Sanctum.


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