Beautiful Boy by Leddy Harper

Beautiful Boy by Leddy Harper


April 28, 2016


Nolan was the popular guy, the football captain and the one who ruined her life. For Novah he was the one who changed her life and he was the 18 year old boy who to her was beautiful in every way. Now years later she is a famous photographer taking pictures of beauty in every way she can find. She is everything that once was beauty in his life but somehow he ruined it for her. Now seeing her again Nolan is seeing that she is the one who has never left his heart. Gone is the beauty in his life but when he is with Nova he see`s a piece of heaven that has been missing. He knows she means well but he cannot understand how she can still think he is handsome and beautiful when the boy she fell in love with is forever gone. Nolan doesn`t see the life she sees but only of heartache, sadness, pain and cowardice. Can he be the man she fell for when all his hope and love is gone?

There is just so much to say about this book that when I got it I didn`t expect the story it became. My heart ached for Nolan for the pain he went through and wanted so much for him in the book. In the beginning it started off as a young girl finally getting noticed and so much she never expected from the popular high school guy. Then we see this same girl seeking vengeance to the pain that happened in her life but then a boy turn to a man who is seeking redemption. Have to say I was awestruck by Leddy Harper and her powerful story of second chance and getting hope that is lost back. Leddy Harper just wowed me in this book for it was more than I thought it would be so much emotion and heartache it pulled my heart everywhere. You just have to get the book for there is so much to say but don`t want to ruin it for you for this is one author that has me getting more of her books now. Loved it.


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