Dirtiest Secret by J. Kenner

Dirtiest Secret by J. Kenner

320 pages

April 19, 2016

4 1/2 moons

Dallas Sykes is known as the King of Fuck but to Jane`s he is her everything but then hundreds of other women think so as well. Years ago they had one night of just them. A night in the dark is all they had to take away what has happened to them. They have no idea why they were kidnapped only that one of the kidnappers is saying things. Jane knows that the things that happened to them messed up her man and now he is different from what she fell in love. People see him as a man whore but she knows inside is the man she fell for all those years in the dark.

Someone wanted them and now they are determined to find out who was behind the whole kidnapping. She knows that Dallas has never forgotten what happened and she is tired being just there for him. One night has changed everything for her and she wants more than that night. Dallas keeps insisting the love is not their but one impulsive kiss proves to her the passion is there hotter than ever. People tell her to stay away from him that their love is dirty and forbbiden but the heart wants what it wants. Can she just let him go after all they have been through over the years?

In two words to describe Dirtiest Secret by J. Kenner is OH MY. It definitely was not what I expected and this is what makes J. Kenner`s Dirtiest Secret HOT. The passion and love that Dallas and Jane have is beyond your usual love for one another. Once again J. Kenner created a scintillating, mesmerizing and oh taboo of a story that will make you want more of Dallas. I loved that these two shared such a kidnapping and are still struggling to get back to just being normal. J. Kenner did such a great job in the heartache Dallas is going through and his strong control to keep things beyond what he has fantasized for years his Jane. Throughout the book you just want to hug and comfort Dallas for what he is going through and J. Kenner shined in showing us that no matter how much you deny the feelings love can overcome anything.


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