I Knew You were Trouble by Vera Roberts

I Knew You Were Trouble by Vera Roberts

164 pages


3 1/2 moons

Losing a loved one can be hard for anyone especially for a young couple who are still figuring out if their love is real. Julian Rodriguez is an up and coming music producer and when he meets Kaia McCrae he is a goner. She brings out a side of him he never knew he had and since meeting her he has never been the same. Julian knows they are young but the love he feels for Kaia is strong wanting any chance he can get to be with her again. The thing is that he is getting different vibes from her now and he is determined to get her back for a love that has never left between them. He knows he has to lead a certain lifestyle since he is rich and famous but in his heart he knows Kaia is the perfect woman for him in every way. Can he prove to her that yes he was stupid in the past but is mature now and can be the man she deserves?

Kaia McCrae knows that when she started working in the same company as Julian Rodriguez she was young and maybe sometimes naive at time. Yet when it comes to her heart she knows Julian owns it already. Something about him makes her feel safe and loved which she hasn`t felt for a while lately. Since their breakup she is wondering if the love she has for him will ever go away. Christmas is supposed to be a time of family, love and hope which is something Kaia needs right now. She thought when they broke up it would be best but working with him everyday is making her wonder if they deserve a second chance again. Everybody told them they were young but being with Julian seems to be the only in her life that feels so right. Can this Christmas be the start of many new traditions more importantly bring her Julian back into her life?

I have to say I was looking forward to this book but in some ways felt Vera Roberts should have put more in this book. There were a lot of good things about Julian and Kaia that I wanted more. The flashbacks for me just didn`t seem important I mean yeah Julian messed up and loved how hard he`s trying to get the family he has dreamed of having with Kaia. For me Vera Roberts just seemed too stuck in their past and then rushed in the end for me. I wanted more of Kaia and seemed like we only got pieces of her which to me didnt feel like a strong character like it was all just about Julian. Hoping the next one of Vera Roberts will be better and more about the characters then their past.


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