Laguna Beach Book 4: Laguna Sights by Keira Rouda

Laguna Beach Book 4:  Laguna Sights by Keira Rouda

113 pages


3 1/2 moons

Scott Cassidy is the new Dr. Drake a role he has worked hard to finally get in his life. Problem is that he is not the usual Laguna Beach snob Jamie Kane has seen in her life. He is patient, nice, caring and most of all loves her besides all her mistakes she has done in her life. Even though he is about to become a famous actor he is showing her how normal he really is and that he is not like other guys especially like her ex boyfriend. Growing up in Laguna Beach she has seen how people will treat those that are not born into money and being wth Scott is making her see that maybe she shouldn`t judge people by how much is in their wallet. One thing for sure she needs to figure out what to do with Scott because somehow this sexy guy has gotten under her skin.

This is a first I have read from Keira Rouda and have to say I missed alot in this series. There were some parts I felt I missed but have to say the attraction between Scott and Jamie just seemed to fast for me. I mean one minute Scott is breaking up with a girl he always known and now Jamie is there. Not sure how that happened but their relationship just grew right away not really giving me time to really get into their characters. I wanted more of Scott and felt it lacked him just more of Jamie and her ordeal. One thing for sure really hoping her next one will be more of the characters taking time to get to know them and not feel rushed throughout the book.


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