Raven Riders Book 1: Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

Raven Riders Book 1: Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

384 pages

Ebook and Print


What would you do if you were given a short time of freedom? Would you skinny dip, have sex as much as you can or will you shy away from everything? This is something that Haven Randall is trying to figure out. For the first time since she escaped her father`s demanding house she is learning to be normal and not scared anymore with her best friend, Cora. She is the only one who knows what her life was like and knows her fears right now. It is because of the Raven Riders Motorcycle that she has freedom right now and introduces her to their club president, Dare Kenyon. He is the first person who gives her safety and protects her without any demands of her which scares Haven. She is feeling something for him and the way he looks at her shows Dare is feeling the same thing. With him she feels impulsive, wild, dangerous and desired in a way she has never in her life felt before. Haven knows life in a Motorcycle Club even safe as the Raven Riders will always bring danger to her but if it means being with Dare forever she will risk it all to be with him. Problem is that her father will do anything he can to get Haven back even if it means killing all the people she gets in contact.

As Club President for the Raven Riders Dare Kenyon has a reputation to keep but lately he is feeling lost and alone. Yeah he`s got his brothers and adoptive family but for years he has been feeling like a fraud. He is supposed to be strong, brave and most of all not run away from anything but years ago he did run from family. He saw his loved ones get killed and instead of fighting he left. Now he is trying to make amends by helping  Haven and Cora. For the first time though he is feeling something and it is to a young, sexy, beautiful and shy girl like Haven. He is 39 years old too old for her with too much experience it will scare her. She is barely in her 20s living life like she is supposed to yet he cannot stay away from her. Being with her he feels that maybe he can be forgiven and have someone love him. The thing is that when he starts dreaming of maybe they can have a life together her past comes back to find her. A past that will not stop until she is back home even to the point of killing those she comes in contact. Dare is determined to keep his woman and nothing will stop him.

Okay have to say when I got this book I figured your usual Motorcycle story but one thing about Laura Kaye is there is nothing usual about her stories and men. In one word WOW. I just loved Dare Kenyon for he is not the usual brooding, arrogant, macho motorcycle guy. Instead here is a guy who is still in pain from his losing his family and the terrible father he is trying to get away from. For years because of his father he thinks he is just like him. Now Laura Kaye did a beautiful job in showing us that Dare is so opposite from his father which just makes me love him more. Inside is a man who like Haven is afraid. Love is something that scares him and with Haven it feels to him like a rollercoaster with all the feelings hitting at him. Laura Kaye just wowed me there is just so much in this book that just made laugh, cry and yes just we all awww. Ride Hard is the first in a series called Raven Riders that is already making me anxiously wait for the second one to see what else is in store for this awesome club.


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