Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly

Take me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly

350 pages

Ebook and Print


Calix Bourbon is a man drowning. Everywhere he goes he is barely breathing with everything going on in his family. Ever since he found his mother on the brink of dying he has tried to get his family back to what they used to be before they lost Hopper. There are days when he just wants to forget everything but then something happened, Mimi. Working with the Blue Fire band is the only time where he feels normal and not like he is suffocating trying to make things right with his family. Mimi is the bands personal chef and for months he has tried to stay away from her but knowing she might leave for a reality tv show is his time for a move. With everything going on he has to decide whether to give Mimi is all or pieces of him. Can he ever have the life he used to have before tragedy struck or will she be the end of him?

Mimi is tired of working so hard but never be taken seriously and this is not just from strangers but her father. She has tried for years to be the daughter he deserves but everytime she thinks she is getting there he proves once again she will get no where. The chance to make it a popular reality tv show and once again prove to her father that she can be a great chef to run the business Calix enters her life. Here is a guy who does everything for his family but never takes the time to care for himself. Being with him she is seeing how the life she has worked for all her life is really not the life she wants. Calix brings out a side of her she never imagined having that she doesn`t need anyone just to trust herself.

Take me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly is more than just a title it is about two people trying to find themselves in a time where they think all is lost. I felt for Calix for being so strong through everything that has happened yet in a way he feels like there`s no air to breathe. Erika Kelly pulled me in this book to a point where I laughed and cried in scenes you didn`t think of it but then she wraps you into their passion. I loved that these two in a way share a unique bond no one understands but they need each other to anchor them together. Erika Kelly rocked in this book and cannot wait for more from this series.



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