Just One Kiss by Jami Wagner

Just One Kiss by Jami Wagner 

260 pages


4 1/2 moons

Of all the guys she has kissed and met in her past one has stood out after all these years, Ethan Connelly. Seeing him again after all this time was like the wind knocked out of her. The last time they were together he gave her a kiss she has never fogotten about and now she wants a replay maybe more. One minute he is all into her and then the next he avoids her which confuses Kelsey. Working with him in the Black Alcove bar is distracting yet she cannot imagine a life without him now. He says he wants her and knows it is true with his kisses but can she keep him forever. What is he really doing back in Windy Valley?

Ethan Connelly is a man who is searching for acceptance. He has been the perfect son always doing what his father wants and never says no to him. Until he meets Kelsey Brian again and everything changes. He was just 16 the last time he saw her and ever kissed her. Ever since then she has been in his dreams and the one girl for him. Seeing her again he knows he cannot continue with his fathers job making him the bad guy. Tired of always having to prove himself he is seeing that with Kelsey anything is possible even maybe a life with her. Once the secret of him being back is revealed can he make Kelsey see what he feels for her is really real?

The first in the Black Alcove series by Jami Wagner is coming off as a hit between Kelsey and Ethan. I loved that no matter how hard Ethan tries he cannot fight the chemistry between them anymore. In some ways Ethan seemed like an idiot but one good thing about him is that he right away sees his errors. The groveling he does is beautiful and Kelsey is just cute trying to seduce him as best as she can. There is just no saying no when it comes to Kelsey and Jami Wagner shined in this book turning this to a series I cannot wait to continue.


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