Listen to Me by Kristen Proby

Listen to Me by Kristen Proby 

336 pages



One word to describe Addison Wade is workaholic and it shows in her restaurant, Seduction. She has worked hard to make it a success and to make it more famous she needs Jake Keller. Everybody likes to listen to good music and eat at the same time plus she will take no for an answer. The thing is that Jake Keller is a washed out and hasn`t performed in front a live audience in a long time since tragedy struck. Meeting him she must remember to not let feelings or her heart get in the way like her ex did on her. She has a habit of getting into the bad boy rock stars and man Jake has it all that she has been craving lately.  Problem is that no matter how hard she tries the passion and love between them is there and she can`t ignore it anymore. Can she fall into temptation again and finally get the love she has been deprived of all these years in a rockstar again?

Jake Keller was the typical rockstar did the partying, the drugs, the alcohol and man all the women that was available. Life was great until one of his best friends gets injured because of him. Now after all this time the music  is still there for him but fear as well. Music is everything to him and Addison is giving him a chance to get it back which he never thought he missed until now. Addison is something he never expected in his life and in every way she turns his life upside down. She is like a breath of fresh air in a life that has become dark for him wth no path to follow. His music is still hot but something has been missing from his life and being with Addison he is feeling that something again. Can he make her see how right they are even though she has fears like him?

In one word Jake Keller in Kristen Proby`s latest is AWESOME. I loved that Kristen created such a dark, brooding and well vulnerable rock star we don`t see often in books. Jake is a man who has many demons in him that he fights every day to make things right even though he is not to blame. Now Addison was a tough cookie to break but when it comes to Jake she falls apart. We see not a strong woman like she shows to everybody but a woman who just wants to be loved. Kristen Proby have to say just shined in this book between two people who feel lost and unloved come together in a way they never expected. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this talented author.


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