The Rancher and the Renegade by Jackson D`Lynne

The Rancher and the Renegade by Jackson D’Lynne 

382 pages


4 1/2 moons

The gun should have worked. She should be dead by now. Instead she has somehow been transported to 1856. The heartache and pain was supposed to have ended and now she is wondering what the hell happened. All she knows is that a man name Perez ruined her already terrible life and now there is Tyrence Barrett. Somehow her being in 1856 is to be there for this rancher and in a way she is confused more than ever. Her goal is to go back to 2014 but being with Ty Marisol is feeling something she hasn`t felt in a long time, love and peace. Being in 156 years in the past is sure making her appreciate all the good stuff she never appreciated before and main thing is her gun wishing she had it right now. As a DEA agent she is the toughest girl out there but being in Ty`s world is different from the regular criminals she daily fights to keep off the streets.  Can she protect him when things get tougher than ever and finally find the peace that has been missing from her life?

Ty Barrett knew when he left Boston society to become a rancher life would never be easy. No matter how hard he works or what time he wakes up knowing that he owns his own land and ranch makes it worth it. When La Rosa Negra gang though threatens to take it all away he is determined to keep his land even if it means losing his life. That was the plan to fight until he rescues Marisol Sanchez. She is unlike any woman he has known and the over protectiveness in him towards her is not something he has ever experienced before. Marisol is feisty, stubborn, hard working, sexy and determined to fight his battle for him no matter how much he tries to stop her. Can he keep his ranch and Marisol to have another day with her love?

This is the first I have read from Jackson D`Lynne and even though I missed Book 1 this one was really good. Perez was hillarious in this book the poor, cursed gypsy Prince guiding Marisol as best as he can. The scenes between him and Marisol were funny like brother and sister bickering. My heart ached for Marisol and the heartache she has been going through all these years. Here is a strong woman who even though fights off criminals every day is just like us has her own demons she is fighting through in this book. Now Ty have to say for a man who is determined to work his butt off to keep his ranch seemed patient and sexy in every way. There were times I was a little confused about Espada the evil villain but Jackson D`Lynn straightened that out clearly for me. All in all have to say this was really good and can`t wait for Book 3 from this series.

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