He Loves Me Not by Tierney Fowler

He Loves Me Not by Tierney Fowler

3 1/2 moons

Every romance story out there is about the popular guy going after the shy, quiet geeky girl and how they live happily ever after. Yet nobody knows about the cheerleader, the popular girl that guy dumped for the quiet girl until now. All her life Maggie had a plan, well a 10 year plan wth her guy Bobby the quarterback and hello most popular guy in high school. That was until the popular guy dumped her in front of the whole town not only at a football game but days before prom. Maggie always thought they were strong with each other never imagined she would end her Senior Year single and well shunned from high school society. All she thought in life is gone and now even her best friends are looking else where. I mean come on who will want to be with her now that she is well unpopular. She can`t be a cheerleader without the quarterback by her side and now she is unsure what to do. That was until she meets a musician who is making her see that maybe there is more to life than cheerleading, parties, and even beauty pageants. High school is never going to be the same but maybe it is a good thing.

AJ Abbott only knows one thing and that is music. It has always been his thing and nothing will distract him well maybe a hot, sexy cheerleader. He knows that it is wrong to befriend Maggie a high schooler but something about her pulls at him. Knowing she just got dumped by the schools popular quarterback and is feeling alone he wants to be there for her. He knows he can`t be the man she is used to be with all her life but she deserves real love and maybe something more than just high school love. AJ has never known anything about just being friends for he has always had women go after him for no reason. Yet being with Maggie he is feeling something more than music in his life. Can he a musician show Maggie that even the dumped cheerleader can get love outside of high school?

Love in high school especially during Senior Year can be tough even for a cheerleader. Prom, graduation, homecoming three things that can either make or break a girl and unfortunately it is a time that Maggie can`t wait to finish. Being dumped can be harsh but going from being popular to being shunned all in one week can be well quiet cruel. Tierney Fowler just made me laugh throughout the book by how well naive and sometimes silly Maggie sounded in the book. It felt to me the whole book was like a rollercoaster between Maggie and AJ. Seemed she was just so stuck in being dumped that she got confused with real feelings towards AJ. Don`t get me wrong high school is tough and seeing Maggie dealing with this just seemed like she could have handled it a lot better. All in all it just didn`t do anything for me seemed to juvenile for me. I wanted more of Maggie and seemed like Tierney could have made her stronger just seemed like she gave up on her and in some cases in the book seemed ditzy to me.


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