Jagger by MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron

Jagger by MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron

217 pages
4 moons

Jagger Caldwell is a fighter. For years he has fought to stay alive to keep the demons of his childhood at bay. Problem is that his last fight is more than he can handle right now. Cobra is on his case and he is determined to beat the ahole out of the ring even if it means showing his bad side. Fighting has always been his thing to get by in life but something changed and that is a little mouse name Tatiana. Since helping her from an abusive father this little woman has made him see that fighting can be a good or bad touch. Knowing that all she knows in life is bad touches never knowing that there is happiness outside the punches, whips and verbal abuse makes him angrier than ever. Can he finish the fight of his life to save a woman who has never known a life of family, happiness and love?

Tatiana Rand wants to die. Why should she live one more day of getting punched again? All she has known in her life is that her father hates her. He must for every day she is cowering in the corner of their home after being hit once again. No one is coming to rescue her from this hell and she deserves it according to her father. All hope is gone until he comes in. For months Jagger is nearby watching over her helping in any way he can. He is the only one who she knows who is becoming as a friend and soon something more. Tatiana has never known friendship or love and the feelings she has for her man is making wonder if hope is possible. Is there love out there for a girl who has never known love or happiness in her life?

One thing about this book I loved is that Jagger never stopped in fighting for Tatiana`s happiness. The Caldwell brothers are more of a family for they are a family that brings love, happiness and second chances to their women. Tatiana just teared me apart in this book for how young she is in the book there is a strength in her that shines in this book. Jagger now talk about is sex on a stick this guy was hotter than all his brothers. The pain he has about his past is heartwrenching as well and why he is what he is now, a champion. He is Tatiana`s champion and the love he has for her is strong yet complicated. He is a man older than his woman and it scares him the feelings he has for Tatiana. MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron just shined in this book and all the Caldwell brothers just got to me in a way no other family has done. I cannot wait for more from this family for it`s not just Jagger and Tatiana it is about family helping each other in any way possible.

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