Just One Touch by Jami Wagner

Just one Touch by Jami Wagner



Conner Brian is a man who is not what he used to be. One night is all it takes for him to become a father and now is struggling to be there for his little boy. Gone is the partying guy and now in place is a man who is working to give his child the life he deserves. Problem is that his little boy also needs a mommy and though he doesn`t have feelings for the mom he is willing to make it a go. The thing is he didn`t expect a new neighbor to turn his life upside down. Meeting Alexis Parker is making him feel love for the first time and in a way it scares him. No matter how hard he tries to be there he feels Alex is hiding something. Everybody tells him to be cautious but his heart wants her. Can he a man who is trying his hardest to be the best dad ever still find time for love?

She is a coward. That is one word Alexis Parker keeps telling herself. It has been months but she has found her brother. The thing is that she is scared to finally meet him. It has been years since she last saw him and not sure how he would react having her back in his life. Seems all the people she loves either leave or die on her. Moving to Wind Valley is not only a way to start over with the family she lost years ago but never expected to meet the love of her life. Conner is nothing like the men she has met before and seeing how hard he tries to be a great father tears her apart. His little boy has already gone under her skin and knowing Conner is close is making her wonder if love is possible. Can she confront her brother with Conner by her side or will she chicken out again?

I`m so excited for this series by Jami Wagner I was anxious to read about Conner`s story. Have to say I am love going to the Black Alcove Bar for this is not just a bar but one that brings friends, family and even love. The attraction that Conner and Alexis have start as friendship but come on Conner is one hot guy no girl can resist him. I felt for Alexis and her nerves about meeting her long lost brother after all these years. One thing I love about Jami Wagner is that it is not just Conner and Alex but we see everybody from her previous books how far they have come along. The characters in these books are memorable and Alex is one person who needs these people in her life especially the love Conner is determined to give her. Cannot wait for more from Black Alcove Jami Wagner.

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