Moth by Jennifer Foor

Moth by Jennifer Foor

Moth by Jennifer Foor

260 pages
4 moons

As a DEA agent Timothy (Moth) Douglas has seen and done things no man should do. This is more than a career for him it is a life he is set to do forever. Going off to exotic places to get the bad guy was never a problem. That was until someone gets personal and now his brother is dead. He knows his brother don`t do drugs and someone is determined to make it seem like it. As family goes Moth will do anything to bring his brother`s death justice even sacrificing his heart. He expected a quick job not to find out that a girl like Windy Lewis can turn the whole case upside down. Something about her is screaming fake at him with every word that comes out of her mouth. Moth has met many women before and the ways they will trick him but man Windy is one big trickster in his life right now. Can she trust him with his real identity or will she turn the tables on him?

Windy Lewis is tired. All she wants to do right now is feel safe and be herself the real her. She has no idea how things have become well such a clusterfuck in one day. The people she works with are becoming more demanding and now she has Moth in her life. He is an enigma and well annoying right now for she has no idea what she did to have this sexy man in her world. Moth is one minute cocky, sexy and the next demanding bossy which confuses her in every way. Windy has no time for love or even sex but when it comes to a man like Moth there`s no way to ignore his charms. Can she figure out how to get rid of Moth before he gets too close and she loses another loved one?

Get ready for betrayal, secrets, deceit and oh tons of passion between two characters who well don`t know they`re playing each other. Jennifer Foor definitely had me on the edge of my seat for one minute I thought where this story was going and then wham Jennifer throws in an obstacle I never expected. The attraction between Windy and Moth is wow have to say there were times I was like get it on already. There were some scenes that seemed to drag but one thing about Jennifer Foor is that it picks up right away. Really hoping there is more of Moth`s team though they were hillarious to read about making Moth`s job just lauging all the way.


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