Solid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick

Solid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick 286 pages

Violet Cole is a virgin who is waiting for the right man. Sure she has dated men before but none have made her so distracted like Adam Stone. Ever since getting him trapped at the revolving door where she works as a paralegal he has been on her mind. It`s not just his eyes that have captured her but somehow this gorgeous man is making her fantasize about the impossible. Adam is not just any single man but a rich, successful up and coming lawyer yet is interested in little ole her. Violet has never had a man into her or one that is making her reveal all her wild desires. He is like her Adam and she his Eve they fit so well and even though she had to sign a non disclosure agreement he is all she wants every waking moment. He has dated models, celebrities but the kisses he gives her tears her apart making her wonder why he is really into her. Can she a simple girl who has never had sex or known love keep a man like Adam Stone in her life forever? Can she change this demanding, bossy man to a man who can learn to let love in his life?

He has had many women in his life some longer than a week but never a virgin. Violet Cole is a woman he is determined to have and to show her there is more than just sex. Adam knows people see him as bossy, demanding a control maniac but it is for good reason. A man like him must maintain control and not be like other idiot, simpering young males but Violet is distracting him. For the first time there is a woman who is making him want to be better and importantly forget about work. He doesn`t know what it is about her but she has gotten to his heart something he keeps guarded. She is in his mind 24/7 and in a way it feels right for him which is crazy. Can a simple girl who has never known real love or passion change him?

Considering this is the first time I have read a book by E.G. Patrick and it is her first is a treat for this reader. In a way it might resemble Fifty Shades of Grey but there is much more. It is about a young innocent girl who is not all innocent for like all girls she has fantasies that are waiting to be explored. It takes a man like Adam Stone to show her there is no shame about letting her passion go wild. E.G. Patrick and the sex scenes talk about hot for there were times I had to grab a bottle water. Adam is all about control and man I feel sorry in a way for Violet for she has no chance to just leave him. This is more just about finding love it is about a woman and man finding the love they have always dreamed yet finding out how right they complete each other. Cannot wait for book 2 by E.G. Patrick for we are getting more into Violet`s desires and fantasies can`t wait to see if Adam will be man enough to tame this wild girl.


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