The Calendar of New Beginnings by Ava Miles

The Calendar of New Beginnings by Ava Miles
309 pages
3 1/2 moons

Being a photographer is in Lucy O`Brien`s blood. It is all she knows and her breast friend Andy Hale knows it. Heck everbody in Dare Valley knows it and is surprised that she is back in town after globetrotting around the world. Coming home is supposed to be a time for Lucy to mend not be badgered by her family why she really is here. Yet the one person she can rely on is not only her best friend but is becoming more to her now, Andy. He has always been there for her and now that her mother has an idea to create a calendar she needs help. It has been months since her accident and doing a photo calendar of people who have lost loves ones to Cancer is not something and amateur can do. Lucy is determined to get the right picture done even if it means breaking down why she really is back in town.

Andy Hale is a man who has loved two women in his life. One of them he married, became a father and lost his wife. The other is a woman who has always been there for him since childhood and is back in his life again. Kim and Lucy are two different people yet he has loved them in different ways no one understands. Losing Kim to Breast Cancer was something he never expected to happen but his little boy needs him to be there for him. Having Lucy back in town is something he never expected her to do for going off taking pictures of the world is her thing. Ever since school she has always said the world needs her pictures and now that she is back he knows something is off too with her. Andy never thought of Lucy as more than a friend but lately he is seeing her as a woman one he is eager to kiss more and love. Everybody in the town always thought they should be together but knowing that even Kim thought happiness was just a neighbor away is scary. Can he convince Lucy that no matter how tough life is right now she always will have him in her corner?

So I`m a little torn about the latest by Ava Miles, Calendar of New Beginnings. I have been waiting for Andy`s story since reading about Blake`s story and felt it lacked for me. This is a first for me but didn`t feel the connection like her other characters. It just seemed to me that yes everybody expected Andy and Lucy to be together that they just jumped into a relationship right away. The idea of the calendar was funny though from Rhett, Chef T lol to even the older female Hale and the tatas. Just seemed that this whole book was predictable between Andy and Lucy didn`t really feel there was a chase between them like the other characters. One good thing though that always gets me is how Ava can bring every character from her previous Dare stories letting us see what has happened with them since their story. I applaud Ava though for keeping everything straight not getting us confused just wanted more of Andy and Lucy. Definitely can`t wait for Moira`s and Chase story in the next one there is a story between them going on.

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