Warrant by Savannah Rylan

Warrant by Savannah Rylan

167 pages
3 1/2 moons

Aubree Harrington is tired of society life and being told what to do. All she wants is a chance to feel alive and not be smothered. For years she has followed her parents rulees and never once went against them until she meets Cash in a bar. Aubree never knew there was life outside the country clubs, the usual balls and garden parties especially when it comes to a badass motorcyle biker like him. He is everything she should stay away from but something about Cash is unforgettable and this shows by his passionate kisses. Can she still be the same girl when her man shows her a world of love and passion?

Cash Logan swore he would never let a woman get to him like his mom did to his father. Ever since his father passed away he has gone from women to women the kind he usually goes for the biker girls. It is simple for him and not complicating his life until a piece of sunshine name Aubree enters his life. Gone is the badass biker who has one night stands with multiple women and somehow she has gone under his skin like no other girl has done. The over protectiveness he has for her is making him crazy and going a day without her kisses is just making him antsy. He knows a girl like her can never be with a man like him but even bikers can dream. Can he protect her when there is a new gang wreaking a mess in his territory?

This is the first I have read from Savannah Rylan and have to say it had promise but somewhere it just ended too quick for me. I loved that a pretty girl from the other side of the tracks can change a man yet seemed to predictable for me. Cash definitely seems all tough and macho but when it comes to a girl like Aubree he is all cuddly. The feelings he has for her is not what he should be having and this scares him. Now Aubree just seemed to easy to let go of her life which to me at times seemed like there was no chase in the book. All in all have to say I expected more and even though Cash seemed brighter in this book there is a story to tell from his brothers like Kade and Sienna. Can`t wait to see what Savannah has in store for those two.


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