Haunted Hollow Book 1: Bring Me to Ruin by Tess Rider

Haunted Hollow Book 1: Bring Me to Ruin by Tess Rider
431 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

How can you make a man who has never known love fall in love? How can you get a man to learn to trust in a person who cannot share their real identity? This is something that Thea Maloney has to figure out for she was sent in The Generals world to change him. The 22nd century that is beyon what she has ever lived. Or so she thinks. Problem is she never knew a world existed that will show her the man she lost forever. Well not her best friend but her best friend in another time. There is a world where there is another Thea and yes her Gerard lives again. At least she thought it was her Gerard but the General is so much more. He is what her Gerard could have been a fighter, a champion to the people and most of all her lover. She has no idea why she is sent to the Generals world but knows it is up to her to fix his world maybe also to make him love again.

His world is slowly dying before his eyes. People, friends and comrades he has known are being killed by a virus that kills rapidly. He is called The General but in Thea’s eyes she is her Gerard which confuses him. The General for the first time is feeling something that is scaring him. Being with Thea he is feeling well almost human which he hasn’t felt since he was a child. Not only does he have to figure out what is causing these killings in his world but someone is sabotaging his team. He has no idea what to do or how to keep his people’s trust. Can he figure out why Thea was brought to his world? Once her identity is revealed can he learn to love her like deserves to be loved?

Being this is the first I have read from Tess Rider it pulled me in all directions. There is paranormal which I love in this book then then is science fiction thar just made me want to give up. A lot of tech babble which at times seemed too much yet in a way is important in the book. I felt for Thea in her pain and heartache yet I rooted more for the General. These two at times completed each other and also seemed to bash in every turn. Have to applaud Tess for keeping it straight between these two when at times I wanted to knock them together. All in all it was a quite surprising book for me and would love to see more from Luke Sam Temperance and even Ava they all seemed interesting. Great book.


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