Becoming Elena Book 2: Forever Lost by Melody Anne

Becoming Elena Book 2: Forever Lost by Melody Anne
182 pages

Who is Dalton? Is he her friend, savior, lover or enemy something Elena has been asking herself for months. He came in like an avenging angel rescuing her from one life and showing her a world of passion and something she never imagined. Being with Dalton she feels lost in a way that scares the Mary that is fighting be free and Elena the woman who feels wanted. Dalton brings out feelings she has never felt before in her life. Gone is Mary and now it is Elena trying to learn to be what Dalton wants her to be. Not knowing where she is or how to live a life of her she knows Dalton knows well but how far can she go. She used to have a mind of her own, opinions she gave out and feelings she was able to control yet somehow Dalton has made her be someone else. In his kisses she is desireable, wanted and in his arms safe, treasured. What is real and what is fake? Will Elena become who she is meant to be with Dalton? Will Dalton kill what is left of Mary for good?

Oh my god I thought Book 1 of Becoming Elena was heartwrenching for me but once again Melody Anne doesn`t pull any stops. We learn in this book how Mary came into this world and when you feel her pain and heartache it is wow. You never can imagine how this would happen yet we find a strength in Elena that shines in this book. Dalton is one man who will either break or make her stronger than ever. Melody Anne just wowed me again in seeing Elena fight and Dalton more sexual and hotter than ever. Cannot wait for Book 3 and see what will happen with Dalton and Elena.


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