Timeless Series Book 1: Monday by E.L. Todd

Monday by E.L. Todd


Love doesn`t exist. If love did exist why will it bring pain, heartache and abuse? This is something that Hawke has never seen before in his life. The only love he has seen his is love that punches a woman for no reason. The kind of love that happens when you have one brief time between a womans legs not the forever love that his Muffin Girl says is possible. Something about Francesca has him drawn tighter than a spider to its web which scares him. He knows she is the type who wants kids, white picket fence which is totally not him. Yet no matter how much he tells him that he is bad for her Hawke keeps going to her. The relationship he has with her is unlike any he has with a girl which boggles his mind. Can he be the man she needs when he himself doesn`t even know who that is?

There is something about Hawke that draws her to him in a way she has never felt before in a guy. The kiss is hot and sadly it is the last kiss she has gotten from him. Yet though he says he can`t be the man she needs he is proving to be exactly what she needs in her life. The friendship and easy banter they share is more than just a unique bond it is one that screams he is her soul mate. Frankie knows they are right for each other but no matter how hard she tries to stay away from him he comes to her. She knows what he needs is her but him getting to her heart is not something easily to give back. He is the one for her and she is determined to show him that he can have love forever.

In one word to describe the Timeless series first book Monday by E.L. Todd is AWESOME.Good Lord I never felt so much pulling couldn`t decide who I loved more Hawke or Frankie. In a way though Hawke is a man who just pulls me most in the end for the childhood he went through and seeing love in an ugly way just is wow. Here is a man who finally feels love is afraid of really hanging on to it because of what he has seen it like in the past. Frankie now have to applaud for her for no matter how much teasing he does to show it is all about sex for him is strong. I would have caved right away lol. E.L. Todd just teased me till the end wanting more of Hawke for her is a man who I just wanted to hug, love and give him all the love he deserves in this world. Cannot wait for Book and see what will happen with Hawke.


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