Secret Santa Book 4: Complicated Christmas by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Secret Santa Book 4: Complicated Christmas by Nikki Lynn Barrett
229 pages

Caitlin Ames is afraid of love. For years her life has been centered in disappointments so having Ron in her life right now is confusing the hell out of her. It started off innocently a friendship with passionate benefits and now it is way complicated for both of them. She loves being an Aunt, friend and occasionally a babysitter but her as a mother heck no. Caitlin never thought she had a motherly bone but now she is stuck. Ron is in no way ready to be a father again when he is still dealing with being a widow and single father. It was supposed to be just about sex not love and revealing secrets. She is Caitlin Ames the one who has fun and not in control of life so this is a big test for not just Ron but herself as well. Love is not in the cards for her but a life without Ron is too much to handle right now.

Nobody knows the real reason why Caitlin Ames came back to town. Only thing Ron Mercer knows is she has become more of a friend and it scares him. The idea of a friends with benefits relationship sounded awesome but then life got complicated. Four years ago he lost his wife Ada and even now he is still trying to handle life. He never expected to loose the love of his life and be a single father at the age of 40 or become a grand father as well. Being with Caitlin is making him feel young and well spontaneous which he never expected. Getting her pregnant was not in the plans but loosing love again is not in the cards for him. Ron is determined to make Caitlin see that life is not always about disappointments there can happiness if you just let go and learn to trust.

I`m going to say it I love the Secret Santa series and once again Nikki Lynn Barrett has not disappointed me. I felt for Ron in the first book with Jacob and Cheyenne loosing Ada to Cancer and wondered what will happen to him and the kids. Have to say Nikki Lynn Barrett showed Ron not only as strong but even like all widows scared. I loved that no matter how hard he tries to be a great father he is still a man learning to move on after losing a loved one. Caitlin now is a woman who has never had the best of luck in her life yet Ron is determined ot show her she is loved even though at first it was just about sex. Nikki Lynn Barrett just shows us that no matter how many years have gone by she rocks a series like no author with love, hope, faith and tons of good loving wishes. One word though wait for Bens story, yes little Ben from the first book for Nikkin Lynn Barrett loves teasing her readers.


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