Heartbreak Guitar by Cindy Hargreaves

Heartbreak Guitar by Cindy Hargreaves 240 pages
3 1/2 moons

Xoe is a woman who loves music. Playing with her guitar is the only thing that lately is comforting her. The thing is that she feels lost and scared. Ever since she lost her whole band and best friends she hasn`t been able to play. Coming to the beach house at her old childhood town which was persisted by her manager Norm is supposed to be a time for her to well find herself learn to live again. He has always been there for her since she participated in the Little Rock Competition. Coming back to a friends funeral just reminds her how different her life has become. Meeting Casper and seeing the excitement in making music in his eyes makes her wish for that look on her again.

Something about Xoe MacKenzie has Casper enchanted in a woman he hasn`t felt in a while. Music is his thing yet since meeting Xoe in his brothers music store makes him want to be there for her. Knowing that she was raised in his town makes him hope that she will stay forever but also to make her smile again. A beautiful girl like her shouldn`t be sad and well depressed forever. He knows losing her friends, bandmates is too much for her and Casper is determined to get her be what she used to be in love with music. As a lover in music he knows when the beat and rhythm is in you there is no escaping it especially to a woman who needs it to survive.

This is the first I have read from Cindy Hargreaves and have to say it was good yet lacked in some cases. Xoe is a young girl who was brought into the rich and famous quite quickly. Losing her bandmates has left her well alone. Sure she has parents but none of them gave her the love and comfort like her bad family. Now it is just her and well the music she needs to survive again. Being with Casper is making her see how much she has missed the past couple of months. Cindy Hargreaves did a beautiful job in showing us Xoe`s grief and heartache but too quickly jumping in with Casper. All in all it was an okay book and can`t wait to see what else Cindy Hargreaves has in store for Xoe to live again.


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