Starlight Hill Book 1: All of Me by Heatherly Bell

Starlight Series Book 1: All of Me by Heatherly Bell 186 pages
4 moons

Have you heard of Napa Valley? Well imagine Napa Valley in a town called Starlight Hill filled with magic and second chances. This is a place where love can come again for Ivey Lancaster if she opens her heart again. The thing is that if Dr. Jeff Garner ever found out the real reason she left him he would hate her forever. She knows it was wrong to deceive him but at the time Ivey was thinking about his career. Being a doctor is what he always wanted and worked hard to get it for real. At the time their love was fairly new and thought love was all they needed which is making her wonder why she has never moved on. Being a midwife is what she feels is right fo her and once Jeff finds out what made her be a midwife will be the end for her. Or maybe the beginning.

Dr. Jeff Garner is a doctor everybody goes to even on his day offs. He loves working in the hospital but lately well it is tiring him easily. Everybody in Starlight Hill thought he would be married with children by now not single and well living in the hospital. People in Starlight never forget and even now that Ivey is back they are out for blood. It used to be there was pink and blue ribbons, female and males taking sides never really finding out who dumped who. Having Ivey back is making him see he has never fallen out of love and wants her back. Getting the midwife campaign up and running is very dear to her and he knows there is more to it but she is not budging. Jeff knows this is his chance to get the woman he has always wanted but once her reason for dumping him years ago is revealed can he forgive her?

This is the first I have read from Heatherly Bell and I can tell this is a series I am going to love. Right away you can tell Starlight Hill is not just any place to live. It is a place where two people who because of fears and doubts gave up a life of happiness. Ivey knows how important it is for Jeff to become a doctor and knows that her secret would destroy all his dreams. Like any woman in love she does the ultimate sacrifice breaking her heart for his dreams. I loved how Heatherly Bell pulled me between these two. There were times I rooted for Jeff and seeing how well workaholic he has become makes him see how well dull his life has become. Now Ivey seemed at first a little hesitant to me in the beginning. We finally see why she did what she did when we know from the beginning she still loves Jeff. Heatherly Bell just blew me away with the first book in a series that I know will be memorable for me. Loved it can`t wait for Book 2.


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