Starlight Hill Book 2: Someone like You by Heatherly Bell

Starlight Hill Book 2: Somebody Like You by Heatherly Bell 335 pages

As a General Manager Brooke Miller knows work is hard but she enjoys her job. Knowing the ins and out in the wine country has made her see how much she loves working in Napa Valley. That was until her boss took work above and beyond. Brooke knows it is wrong to be sleeping with the boss but that has nothing to with her work. She deserves to run the business not be casted out and well making her quit what she has always loved doing. Brooke knows quitting without a plan was not her best move but she can finally own her own vineyard. Problem is she didn`t expect for her old crush to buy it right under her. Billy Turlock is one of those jocks that snaps their fingers and they get whatever they want. Something she knows very well for the one time he asks for a kiss she goes for it. Too bad though they are adults now and she swore she will not fall for the boss again. Yet Billy is a man you cannot say no and no matter how hard she tries to deny the feelings he is the man for her. Can she a woman who is becoming known as crazy finally get the love she has been searching?

One word to describe Billy Turlocks life is BASEBALL. For years that is all that has centered him. Now because of a shoulder injury he is back home to the place he hopes he can make a difference. Owning a vineyard was not in the plans but if it makes his grandfather happy that is all that matters. He expected there will be tons of work, sweat and not get distracted but Brooke Miller is a woman that is definitely distracting him. Last time he saw her was in high school and now she is a woman that is breathtaking, hot and most of all his new general manager. He doesn`t know what he did but there is no way he is going to let Brooke go again. Though years have passed the attraction he felt for her years ago is back stronger than ever. Can he prove to Brooke and everybody else in Starlight Hill that he can make his business a success not wanting basball anymore?

Oh my god I so love this series and in each one Heatherly Bell has not disappointed me. I thought Ivy and Jeffs story was it for me but man Billy Turlock now here is one hot baseball player. Poor Brooke has no chance in staying away from him. I loved how they started as friends yet somewhere along the way their feelings have grown. Brooke is one tough cookie not letting anything get her down for the last couple of years. Yet when it comes to Billy she is flustered which was great seeing she is tough as nails. Heatherly Bell is rocking with this series and have to say Billy is one guy that might have all his ducks in a row but when it comes to love he is like Brooke not in control. Loved it.

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