Starlight Hill Book 3:Until There was You by Heatherly Bell

Starlight Hill Book 3: Until There was You by Heatherly Bell

250 pages
4 1/2 moons

Wallace Turlock is her man. Problem is he doesn`t know it. For years Genevieve has been the best friends little sister and she is tired of it. It has come to the point where she married a man that looked exactly like him. I mean if she can`t have the real man she can have his twin right no harm done. At least she thought there was no problem until one night ends her marriage of two months to the Wallace replacement. Now living in Starlight Hill and being near real Wallace is tearing her apart. She is ready to get her man even if it means ruining the great friendship they have had. Everybody tells her that Wallace is not a man to show his feelings but Genevieve knows that is not true. Every kiss she receives, every time they make love is a man who truly loves her. Can a woman known to make crazy decisions show her lover it has always been about him?

Wallace Turlock has no time for love. He is the type of man who has one night stands and puts his love on the back burner. Ever since his father left his mother he has been sacrificing his life for his family. Once upon a time he would have been a famous football player but it is his brother, Billy, who is the famous baseball player. Once upon a time he dreamed of having a relationship with a woman someone to love and never let go. Yet no matter how hard he tries to be with women only one comes to his mind the sweet and forbidden Genevieve. There is a code a friend cannot break and knowing that she is his best friends little sister is one person he cannot hurt. He is known as a womanizer because the one woman he wants he cannot have even though she has somehow gone under his skin and to his heart. Can he the silent, in control Turlock brother find the love that he cannot have?

Starlight Hill is looking better and better in every book. I loved seeing glimpses of Wallace in Billy`s story and finally see what made him be what he is right now. As a contractor work is his life and his family takes first place above anything else including the ability for him to love again. Heatherly Bell just cracked me up with the ways Genevieve tried to get her man to see her as well a woman not the kids little sister. The men she has dated and yes grave mistake of marrying a wannabe Wallace was hillarious. I mean come on no one can replace Wallace for he is the real, sexy hot thing she needs in her life. Cannot wait for more of the Starlight series stay tuned.


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