Starlight Hill Book 4: Unforgettable You by Heatherly Bell

Starlight Hill Book 4: Unforgettable You by Heatherly Bell
296 pages
4 moons

Getting dumped is not something Diana expected to happen in her life. Coming back to Starlight Hill as a failure is something she never thought would happen. Moving to the city where there was tons of opportunities was her goal to live not come back to stay with her grandmother. She is supposed to be a writer but lately ever since getting dumped Diana has well lost her muse. Not only getting dumped has made her see that men are awful and scum is making her wonder how she got caught with the sexy firemen Scott Turlock in well just her nightie. Of all things to happen seeing her old crush at one of her vulnerable times is something to definitely write about right now. Gone is the young boy she fell for and now is a man full of hotness, sexiness and muscle making her well want to swoon every five minutes. Scott sure has grown up but so has she and knows that if she falls for any man Scott would be the one to totally break her soul. He might be Starlights fireman the one everybody goes to but not her. She knows if she did she will never be able to leave him.

Diana, the one girl that Scott Turlock has never forgotten in his life. People see him as impulsive, crazy and well an adrenaline junkie fearing for his life. He sees life as a world of tons of possibilities and no time to slow down. Seeing Diana back in Starlight Hill is making him see that she has never forgotten about her. Years ago he promised to be there and like a young boy he chickened out. He doesn`t know why people still talk about her in her nightie but like any guy out there it is definitely a picture he will never forget especially since some one posted on the internet. As a firefighter he is hired to protect and extinguish any fires and Diana is one fire he is happy to well grow the fires between them. Can he the adrenaline junkie show his Diana how fun life can be when you just let go and don`t think of the consequences?

What can I say about Scott Turlock but HOT DANG. Heatherly Bell has teased me with what Scott was going to be like and man he is so opposite from his other brothers, Billy and Wallace. He is the daredevil in the family always taking risks never caring about the outcomes which for Diana makes him so dangerous to her heart. Years ago they could have had something but he didn`t push too hard. Heatherly Bell once again shows us that this is not just your typical town it is a place where there are second chances, hope and where a man wo has never fallen out of love on his dream woman take the biggest jump ever in his life. Loved it and can`t wait for the next book in the Starlight Hill series.


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