Alone with You by Michele Callalan

Alone with You by Michele Callahan
336 pages
4 moons

Claire Miller and Jake Walker fell in love when they were in elementary school. For years they were always together as the greatest friends they can be until the game changed. She knows it is not Jakes fault that he wanted more out of her. In the beginning it seemed great becoming friends to lovers but marriage no way. Claire knows that Jake is the type of man who is not ready for change and living in the same place becoming a farmers wife is not what she imagined her life to be. No for Claire it is going off to dig in foreign places, looking for treasure and lost pieces of years ago. Digging into the dirt is what she always dreamed of doing and marrying Jake right after high school just proves he never really cared about her dreams just his. Knowing her father got hurt is the only thing that will bring her back even knowing that Jake will still be there has her well weary. Can she handle being in the same place to the man who she still loves after all these years?

Jake Walker is a committed guy. For years there has only been one woman in his life his childhood girlfriend. Everybody tells him he is stupid for still being in love with little Claire Miller but his heart wants what it wants. Claire leaving years ago to follow her dreams was painful knowing that she is here until her dad gets well only to leave again is going to be heartbreaking to him. Years ago he survived because he had his mother and things to do now that he is alone he doesn`t know what to do. Seeing Claire again after all this time and seeing how beautiful, sexy she still is makes him want to keep here forever. Like a butterfly that is cocooned and grown to fly away his Claire is the type of woman who will never be happy in one place. Can Jake convince her how right and grown up they are now that anything is possible?

How does one extinguish a love that surpass years? Well you can`t so boohoo especially when it comes to the kind of love like Claire and Jake have. I loved how Michele Callahan shows us how cute they are as little friends then blossoming to the passionate lovers they are destined to be. The chemistry between them is not something that just flames out instead it grows. Jake has only loved one woman and her happiness is the most important thing to him even sacrificing his heart to make it happen. There were times that I wanted to smack Claire for wanting to leave I mean come on why leave the love of your life. These two are destined for each other and love how Michele Callahan shows us that no matter how many kisses, passion we get it is knowing that where you go home is where your man is. Loved it and hope there is more of Jake and his brothers those two sound very interesting.


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