Her Soldier`s Touch by J. Stewart

Her Soldiers Touch by J Stewart
240 pages
4 moons

Rachel Madison is a loner. For years it has just been her to think of and no one else. That all changes one night with Army Sergeant Colten Taylor. She knew a kiss from him will not be enough but knowing he disappeared on her is too much. Now seeing him again after all these years and in a time when he is saying goodbye to his brother she is not ready for her secret to be revealed. Rachel has tried so many times to figure out what to tell him even imagined so many scenarios. The one scenario she never expected to happen was how good Colten was going to be as a father. Looking at him you would never imagine Colten and father in the same sentence but he is proving to Rachel he is different. Can Rachel trust her little man with the big man who has always had her heart?

Coming home to bury his brother is not a way Colten Taylor expected to come home. The Army has always been his life goal and Phoenix. Having him gone now is like a part of his life gone and Rachel is the perfect person to make him whole again. The thing is he never forgot about her after all these years. He knows leaving her in the middle of night was shitty but seeing her is bringing out all these feelings he buried deep down in his heart. Love is not something him and his brother ever experienced and Rachel is the type of woman who is all into love. Can he be the man she needs right now especially since it is not Colten now in her life? Can he let go of his father or will his voice always sabotage whatever happiness there might be for Colten?

This is the first I have read from J. Stewart and have to say it pulled from all directions. There was happiness, love, betrayal and even suspense in a way that made this book all in all a really good book. J. Stewart shows us that no matter how hard we try to be good the past always comes back to us. I felt for Colten and the childhood he went through and even now trying to be a man that Rachel will be proud. The attraction between these two is not your usual passionate couple but one that both are trying let go of the past and look for a future of well second chances. Rachel is the only one who can heal Colten but also it takes trust, hope and tons of love to show him anything is possible even being a better father than his own. Loved it.


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