Timeless Series Book 2: Tuesday by E.L. Todd

Timeless Book 2:Tuesday by E.L. Todd
274 pages

How long will it take for a broken heart to mend? How much can you do to forget your soul mate? For me it has been 2 years. 2 miserable, lonely and terrifying 2 years. You see Hawke was IT for me. Marie, my best friend and almost sister-in-law says nobody can find your soul mate with just one guy but I did. I was his Muffin Girl, the only one who was able to show him that love was possible. I don`t know what happened but one night made him see he was a monster instead of my champion, my soul mate. After 2 years I was finally able to move on and open my business. Now I`m Manhattan`s hottest and popular bakery yet through all my success and popularity Hawke is still in my heart. I should totally be over him and have a good guy name Kyle who is so into me he worships the ground I walk in. Problem is Hawke is going to be my brothers best man and now I have to see him again. I knew this would happen but can I guard my heart again and not fall for him after the pain he brought me. Can I go on again knowing Hawke is still my soul mate?

2 years and she is still on my mind and heart. I knew when I left without no warning I was going to hurt her bad. How can I stay with such beauty, warmth and love when I am my father`s son, a monster. Being with Frankie was the only time I felt safe, alive and loved something I never felt before in my childhood. Frankie not only made me saw how a dog I was to women but she showed me a piece of heaven. I know seeing again at her brother`s wedding was going to kill me but knowing she is seeing another man just slices me to pieces. The thought of another man touching, kissing and sleeping with my woman is not what I expected to happen. She is supposed to be in pain like me, supposed to keep wanting me like I want her yet she has moved on. Seeing her has made me realize she is my soul mate and my heart will never be the same unless she is in my life forever. Can I convince her that I am the only one for her and she for me? Can I prove to her that if she lets me in her heart nothing will separate us again?

There are times when I start reading a series I am always iffy on the sequels. Always questioning how will the author surpass the first book. Well one thing about E.L. Todd is she always surpasses her brilliancy, imagination and talent in every book. I fell for Hawke in the first book, Monday and Tuesday is definitely a day of the week I am liking. My heart ached for Frankie the way Hawke just left her. I was like what the hell E.L. why would you do this. Readers beware though for once you read this one you will definitely understand why E.L.Todd did this and have to say she did it beautifully. Hawke and Frankie are more than just soul mates they are like a shooting star reaching for their highest point always coming back to one another. I cannot wait for the next one in this book and have to say E.L. Todd you just keep rocking in this series.


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