Timeless Series Book 3: Wednesday by E.L. Todd

Timeless Book 3: Wednesday by E.L Todd
289 pages

Mistakes..We are supposed to learn from them and be able to move on. I knew when Hawke left it was going to be his biggest mistake ever yet it is me who is making the biggest mistake. Knowing my brother married my best friend makes me hope that Hawke and me will one day be married as well. Everything is going great but there is that niggling feeling were living in a bubble. It`s like when everything is going great you wonder how long is it going to last. I mean Hawke is perfect for me and now that he has realized I am his soul mate nothing can tear us apart. Right? At least I thought we were at the point where nothing can break us but only Hawke is the one who can tear me. I know when I took him back I was putting a huge risk in my heart agan. Then again Hawke always had me and there was never a chance for me to have a life of my own I am not complete unless he`s with me. Yet in a way these past couple of months I know Hawke is not with me. Not when he is still struggling with the monster in him and his struggle to make things right with his mother. Can my love be strong for him to come back to me to the Hawke I know loves me and wants a forever with me?

The monster is back but truth be told I know it never left me. The monster was waiting the right time when I was happy, in love and thought nothing can get me to the breaking point. Then again I thought just being with my other half, Frankie, nothing else mattered until I got the call. Life was good and everything seemed perfect until like a snap all I loved besides Frankie was taken away from me. I tried so many times to get her out of that environment but she stayed with the monster that created me. My Frankie has no idea how much I want to kill to get redemption for her soul. Yet here I am tearing apart the one love that I am forsaking myself. How can I be with my Muffin Girl when I know I don`t deserve her love or any happiness that is within my reach? How can I even think of her giving me another chance when time after time I keep screwing up?

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME is what describes E.L. Todd and this beautiful series. Hawke is a man who is so easily to love yet doesn`t feel he should be granted any love or happiness. Frankie, god love her soul and heart is one strong woman in this book. These two are perfect for each other yet like all true love there is fear, doubt and sometimes the risk of really loving is a big risk to take in one`s life. E.L. Todd I have to say packed this one about Hawke and Frankie with so much emotion I rooted, cried and just ugh so much in it. This is one series that you going to grab the kleenex and ice water for it is yes some tear jerkers but also hot passion between two souls just looking for that one moment where it is just them. Loved it and like I said AWESOME.


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