Dirty Girl Duet Book 1: Dirty Girl by Meghan March

Dirty Girl Duet Book 1: Dirty Girl by Meghan March
May 17, 2016

Alcohol is not my friend. Alcohol is not only stupid but makes me, Greer Karas do well outrageous, stupid and even life altering things. This one though is the biggest one I have done and totally understand why my brother is doing damage control. See just recently I caught my boyfriend of two years fucking another woman. Seeing this has made me see it is time to take life by the balls and get the man I want. I expected a lot of responses when I went online and changed my life yet never in my wild dreams did I expect my past to come back. Years ago I gave my heart to Cavanaugh Westman, Hollywood`s sexiest bad boy right now but back then I knew him as just Cav the maintenance guy. Back then I knew there was something between us but one day he just disappeared. Now that I have grown up I know it was just lust between us but seeing him again all sexier than ever and well just gave me the greatest orgasm ever makes me wonder why he has returned. Can I be the same Greer I am now and not let my heart get in the way dreaming of a love that I never got over?

I am Hollywood`s baddest, sexiest bad boy who everybody wants. Brunettes, blondes, models, singers they all want a piece of me but none are my Greer. She was just a young girl when I met her and me the maintenance guy with no life to give her but somehow I fell for her hard. Her family is way beyond mine and knowing that for just a moment in time she was with me was all I had to carry me. Seeing the post she did just makes me possessive that this Greer would put her life and body out there. She is my woman and I wasn`t going to let another man near her. I know I am still not the man for her but I want this one time with her again and feel the love I have never forgotten. I know once she finds out the real reason I`m back and her brother finds me our time will be gone forever but I have to try. Can she still love me once she founds out my real identity?

Ooooh Dirty Girl I have to say is one hot piece of sexiest story I have ever read lately. Meghan March have to say you are one devious author for scintillating us with these hot passionate scenes. Greer Karas is one bold woman when it comes to alcohol lol but then again she is only doing what she has secretly been hiding all her life. She wants a man who in a way will make her feel desireable, wanted and bring out well the dirtiest girl she can be with the right man. The post might have been innocent and funny at the time making me laugh about her certain criteria for well the perfect man. Cavanaugh was just sooo hot in this book had to a couple scenes catch my breath. He may be Hollywood`s next star but to Greer he is the same simple man who loves her. Meghan March is definitely becoming a favorite for me and now going to get more of the Billionaire series for there is more to the Karas family then just Greer. Cannot wait for Dirty Love the next one in this series for there is a lot more of Cavanaugh we need to know. Awesome.

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