Stay with Me by Kelly Elliott

Stay with Me by Kelly Elliott

Can you love again after the one you loved is gone? Can you open your heart to the possibilities of a happily ever after? There has only been one woman I saw myself married to but life has a way of throwing curveballs. I want the kind of love my parents have the bickering, the make up and the happiness they get from one another. Everybody tells me I need to let go and learn to open my heart again which seemed crazy until I met her. Kylin is unlike any woman I have met even the one I was going to marry. She is impulsive, strong, mesmerizing and has gotten under my skin. I wasn`t supposed to fall in love again not so soon but somehow I cannot imagine a life without my Kylin. She makes me want to give her the world, happiness and my whole heart something I am well scared to do again. As a Greek man family is important for me and know my family will never accept a non-Greek girl yet I am determined to make her see how right we are even if there is a part of me afraid to really let go of my lost love.

I must be crazy. That has to be it for me to think a man like Thano Drivas would be interested in a woman like me. He comes from a big Greek family and the only family I know is my best friends Claire. I never experienced the kind of love he received, the fights and bickering he has everyday with them yet he wants me to be a part of it. The attraction is totally there and are mind blowing yet he wants more. I want to give it all to him but something makes him take a step back away from me. I want all of him not just pieces of him. The love I feel for him is nothing I have experienced before and it scares the shit out of me. I want the acceptance from his family as well but how can an Irish girl compete with a ghost from his past when Thanos himself is unable to let go of it. Can I be strong enough for both of us or fail like his family wants me to do?

Good Lord I do love a Greek god, I mean man especially when it is a man like Thano Drivas. Right from the beginning I felt for this guy and what he is going through which you will melt with him as well. Kylin is exactly what he needs and Kelly Elliott did a beautiful job in bringing them together. These two are in some ways the same searching for love but afraid to really go into it because of fear. I loved how Kelly Elliott not only showed us Thano and Kylin but his crazy ass family lol. It was like My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie and Everybody Loves Raymond tv show with the meddling mother come to life and laughed with the antics they did trying to get them together. Have to say it takes a really strong woman like Kylin to go into this family with eyes wide open and be the woman her Thano deserves. There was comedy, love, heartache but the chance of finding that great love is what made Kelly Elliott`s latest, Stay with Me, highly reommended for me. Loved it and cannot wait for more.


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