Timeless Series Book 4: Thursday by E.L. Todd

Timeless Series Book 4: Thursday by E.L. Todd
263 pages

I have always loved him. Ever since I was a little kid I imagined myself as his best friend, his lover and his wife. Yet like all childhood dreams it was never returned until now. Knowing my best friend Frankie is hurting because of her lover, Hawke it tears me apart. I have no idea how to get her back to the world of living and really seeing her moping around is pissing me off. I`m supposed to be the strong one but even the strong need help. Axel and me will never work so the one night I had with him should have comforted me. Problem is I want more than one night and know he is not the committed kind. Axel is the typical male who is only into looks not the real person. I mean hello he never noticed me when I was a geeky, nerdy not toned or thin girl like I am now. Sure I groomed myself to be the seductress, the woman no one will forget but I want Axel to really see the real me. The more he is around helping me with his sister the more I wonder when this thirst and craving for him will go away. Will I always be wanting to love someone who can never love me back?

She is a fox, sexy, beautiful and one night with her has made me well a pussy. I don`t know how it happened but somehow Marie has gotten under my skin. I`m not the type of guy that sticks with one girl yet this feeling and attraction towards her has me confused. I shouldn`t be so into her should be instead helping my sister. I`m still pissed that my best friend Hawke broke the bro code and still don`t understand why he just left her. Seeing Frankie like a zombie is scaring me and knowing that Marie is trying her best me has me helping her as well. I had her for one night and her kisses are making me want more than just a night. I can`t go a day without thinking of her or wonder what she is doing. Hawke says I`m in love but no way a man like me can give her a relationship, I`m not cut that way. My main goal is Frankie but somehow Marie is there making me want the impossible for the first time. Can I be the man she needs or will I break her heart?

E.L. Todd I have to say is one imaginative and clever author with this series. Through the road of seeing Hawke and Frankie hook up we saw glimpses of their best friends never really finding out how they connected until now. Axel in the beginning yes is like all men into one thing fucking. There has never been a woman to really entice and make him want what he denies himself, love, until Marie. I have to say Marie is one tough cookie and takes no shit yet when it comes to Axel she is unsure what is really happening. Confused about her feelings she tries her best but man when it comes to Axel there is just no fighting it anymore. E.L. Todd once again has shown that no matter what you keep fighting to stay away from the heart wants what it wants. Loved it can`t for the next one.

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