Double Black by Ali Dean

Double Black by Ali Dean
186 pages
3 1/2 moons

How far would you go to be at the top? What will it take to make you stay there? This is something that Roxie Slade is wondering about after what happened to her. Attending Stark Springs Academy was supposed to show her to be great at the slopes. She didn`t expect to fall for Ryker Black or his minions to harass her last year. Being with Ryker is making her see how different her life has become since leaving her small town in Vermont. Being on the slopes has always been her dream and knowing that she can be at top is making her see she has to fight harder than ever to be there. Being an athlete has shown her that she needs to be focused in her sport or she can loose it all. Yet being with Ryker is making her see how distracting he can be with those dangerous kisses of his. Can she have both things be with Ryker and be at the top in the sporting community?

So after reading Black Diamond I was interested in what will happen with Ryker and Roxie. I mean they fell in love sharing the same hobby and yet in some ways they are still different. Roxie is still like an outsider still working hard to prove she can be the best but there are others determined to see her fail. Have to say I still hate Petra but the others are funny. All in all I loved how easy it is for Ali Dean to make us feel like we were in the slopes there with Roxie the snow and the fans rooting for her. I did want more of Ryker in this book hoping there will be more in this series. Can`t wait to see what else Ali Dean has in store between these two.


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