Evil Dead Book 5: Ghost by Nicole James

Evil Dead Book 5 : Ghost by Nicole James
290 pages
4 moons

Relationships are not my thing. One night stands are my motto. Never get too close and never lead a woman on. This is something that I stuck with all this time ever since I buried my brother and best friend. I knew if I stayed in the house little bit longer I was going to hurt her. The problem is now she is back and I cannot stay away from her. She is the one person who can bring me to my knees. Jesse, my stepsister. I have no idea what brought her back to me but know the fear in her eyes is not because of me it is something else. The life I have is not a life I would have dreamed for her yet it is because of me now she is more in danger. She says she has always loved me but will she continue to love me once the secret I have carried is revealed to her. Will she still see me as the hero in her life or a coward?

Only one person can heal me. The one person who for some reason left me behind all those years ago. I have no idea why he left but know the one kiss I got from him has comforted me all these years. As step brothers go he was the one I looked up and then the one I wanted in my life. I knew back then I was playing with fire but seeing him again has made me realize he has always been with me. He has changed, hardened and become cold but the boy I know is still in there. To me he will always be my Billy, the man he is now, Ghost, is someone that intrigues me. I want to know what he has become now but the girl in me wants my best friend back. I made one mistake and now the only one who can rescue me is also the person who can destroy me with his love. Can I outrun my past towards a future with a man who left me behind?

Once again Nicole James has captured my attention with her Evil Dead Motorcyle Club to a point where it was like coming back to family. I loved seeing everybody again especially Shades, Skylar and Wolf. Ghost has tried for years to be something he`s not and it takes a special woman like Jesse to make him see he doesn`t have to run anymore. Nicole James did such a great job in making us see that even though you distance yourself love has a way of kicking you hard in the butt. Jesse is one kick ass girl that when it comes to making her do something she fights tooth and nail. This is one of those books that make you wish you had your own biker with you like Ghost. Can`t wait for Book 6 and what else is in store for this club.


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