In Sickness and In Elf by A.E. Jones

In Sickness and In Elf by A.E. Jones
314 pages

I am afraid of weddings. The thought of planning, dealing with bridezillas and omg the cermony no it freaking gives me the heeby jeebys.Yet here I am at the family business helping my grandmother. Bennett Bridals has been around for a long time but someone wants to ruin my grannys business. I know it is time to put my phobic away and help her even if it kills me. I expected a lot of things but never thought of the unexpected and well strangeness. All my life I read about mythys, vampires, werewolves never in my wildest dreams did I think to see one in person. Yet through it all there is Devin Cole a man who my grannys assistant Peggy thinks can help us salvage the business. Something about him though makes me think he is more than just a PR person and is making me aware of how long I have not been with a man. He is cocky, macho, stubborn and sexy as hell which just confuses the heck out of me. I have never been attracted to this type of men but no matter how hard I try the pull of attraction between us is strong. I know my grandmother is hiding something and I`m determined to prove to her I can do this, rescue the business.

I am a man. Not just any man but one with no powers. In human terms I am a failure. I have always had my powers but one mistake has me at a point where all I have known will be gone. My trial is near and yet I am hired to help my sisters work without my powers. I have never done this before but knowing someone out there is dangering supernaturals is not something I can take lightly. Ever since my brother died fighting for humans and supernaturals to unite has made me see there is someone for everybody. It has been years this fight has been going on and we are close to getting this pass but someone doesn`t want that to happen. Meeting Alex is making me see how right we are but can never really happen. I am close to finding out who is behind it but Alex is determined to help in every way. I cannot lose another person in my life no matter how stubborn that person is I am the only one who can rescue the business.Between fighting supernaturals and well a human like Alex I have no time to wonder about the attraction between us no matter how beautiful that person is. Can I be the hero Alex needs with no power?

This is the first of a series by A.E. Jones that is becoming already a favorite for this reader. I loved the whole concept of this new series and the characters are beautiful. It`s like all the creatures we thought were not real coming to life in a way we never imagined them to be, humans. It was weird at first seeing them like this as one of us yet hiding their true selves. It was really fun seeing Alex reaction towards them in this book and man the chemistry with Devin hot. There is no denying they are it for each other and the whole wedding business hillarious. I have to say I am eagerly waiting now for Book 2 and see what other creatures will come to light in this delightful story where anything is possible.

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