Vertical Lines by Kristin Kehoe

Vertical Lines by Kristin Kehoe
310 pages

I have never done anything stupid, crazy or least of all impulsive until I went to San Diego for college. I am the perfect daughter, literally. For years I have done, eaten and dressed what my mother told me to do. I was the obedient girl never straying or talking back. I am tired of it and taking a stand. My one act of rebellion dumping food on my brother`s lap has made me realize how white my world is. I`ve never been to a party, drank or even fell in love with a guy I wanted. Nala, my new friend is making me see there is more to life than just studying. Her friend, Brooks though is making me want things I have only dreamed about having someday. The chemistry between us is strong and so opposite of the men I know. He is broody, tattooed and an artist or in my moms words a hoodlum. I can`t stay away from him for something about him pulls me to him in a way that scares me. I came to college here to live yet when I am not with him it feels like I am dead. How can I be what he wants me to be when I don`t even know what I want to do?

She is different and it scares me. I have no time for a girl in my life, one night stands are my thing. My sister is the main thing I need to concentrate but family can sometimes be stupid. No matter how much I try to save my sister she breaks away. I know she doesn`t have that much time and I feel like I am failing everyday. When I see Jordana for the first time I see a kindred spirit in her something that goes straight to my heart. I need to be with my sister but Jordana makes me feel alive not burdened. I know it is wrong to feel this but knowing the end is near for my sister kills me. Painting is something that has helped me deal with my sister but somehow Jordana is making me see that I don`t have to always protect others. She is from a world where she has no worries of money, food, medicine unlike me who goes through each day like it is the last. How can I who has never learned to be loved keep a woman like Jordana in my life?

Jordana and Brooklyn are two different people from two different worlds yet in some ways are both similar. Jordana has never had a life of her own. A life where she can have her own opinions, drink and eat whatever she wants and be whatever she wants to be. Meeting Brooks is making her see there is so much to life than just following rules. I loved how Kristin Kehoe shows us that no matter how much money you have or problems you dealing with you cannot control love. The feelings they have towards each other is sweet and beautiful the way they start their relationship it`s like hot and cold water mixing together. I loved that it wasn`t just about Jordana and Brooks but giving us glimpses of the other friends especially Nala and Mason. Can`t wait for what else is in store.


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