Vert Series Book 2: The Grind by Kristen Kehoe

Vertical Book 2: The Grind by Kristin Kehoe
273 pages

I was at the top of my game. I had it all, popularity, money and women all for me until I got the call. Now I am a shell of the man I used to be and now everybody is wondering why I quit skateboarding. I miss it but my mother is important even though she keeps telling me to stop mothering her. She is the only mother I have and know my love for skateboarding has to take a back seat. All my love my mother has been there for me and now it is my chance to repay her back. Flipping houses is my next big love but somehow this next job is proving to be more troublesome than ever. It isn`t the work though it is my new foreman a fiery, feisty Columbian name Isabel Rojas. She is more than just a woman and an employee which is starting to scare me. To her I am the jefe aka boss but to me she is my woman and lately the only one I can think of since my exit to the games. Being with her on the job and outside is making me for one moment forget my mother is in pain. Isabel is definitely unlike any groupie I have met yet everytime we fight it brings out a side of me that excites me. Can I be the man she needs to tame her or will she be the one to tame me?

This is it the job I have been waiting for all my life since I was little helping my papi. As the daughter of Juan Carlos I can tear apart and rebuild a home with my eyes closed. Yet through all my training and learning I didn`t expect a boss like Hunter Jackson. He is infuriating, bossy and sexy as hell which confuses me. One minute he treats me like a regular employee the next like a girl. I know I am working in a man`s job and there are people waiting for me to fail. I have heard news of Hunter being a big time skateboarder and wonder why a man who was at the top of his career give it all up one minute. The chemistry between us is hot but I know if I submit to him I will never be the same. Men like him are just into one thing and I cannot afford to let a man ruin him even if my heart wants him. Can I still be me the independent and fighting Columbian girl I was raised to be when his kisses make me forget who I am?

I was so excited to see Kristen Kehoe got the sequel to the Vert series available right away. I fell for the skateboarder in Jordan and Brooks story wanting more of Hunter. I have to say Isabel was definitely very unique in this story didn`t really see a Hunter and Isabel going on. Then again Kristen Kehoe proved me wrong in this book. I loved how Hunter tries so hard to be strong yet when it comes to a spitfire like Isabel Rojan and he is well putty in her hands. The sex between them is explosive making their attraction sizzling. This is more than just a boss and employee relationship but one where a man has to realize there is only so much he can handle. Kristen Kehoe just did so much in Hunter I applaud her for making this man strong yet vulnerable in a way it scares him as well. Can`t wait though for Nala and Malcolm`s story definitely waiting for those two.

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